Friday, 8 November 2013

Lore of the North Exhibition

These are the two pieces that I'll be exhibiting in the 'Hinterland' exhibition at Colours May Vary in Leeds, the exhibition is a collaboration with Lord Whitney and features some great artists. Hinterland is a celebration of British Folklore, The Mythical, Arcane, Fabled and Savage. The work I've chosen to exhibit is based on two separate local myths, the first 'The Badger Funeral' is old story that badgers bury their dead and even perform a burial ceremony. The second 'The Hell Hounds' is based on an old legend 'The Wild Hunt' where a pack of spectral hounds were supposed to hunt wrongdoers and escort them to the Otherworld. 'The Wild Hunt' took place throughout Autumn and Winter evenings and their eerie howls were often heard in the nights sky. The hounds were also named Cwn Annwn, Gabriel Hounds, Yell Hounds and Ratchets. 
For more information on the exhibitions check out the flowing websites

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